Danmark, 2005

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Thursday 20. of October at 15:00 in MB2
Sunday 23. of October at 11:15 in MB2
Tuesday 25. of October at 09:10 in MB1
Tuesday 25. of October at 17:00 in MB1

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Regissør Director:

Per Fly

Per Fly entered the Danish Film School in 1989, from which he graduated as a director in 1993. He has worked with Danish TV productions for several years, and has directed episodes of the popular show TAXA. He has also in the past collaborated with the acknowledged Zentropa production company. His animated 2000 film PROP & BERTA was very well received, as were the first parts of his social status trilogy, THE BENCH (2000) and INHERITANCE (2003).


A clever analysis of the Danish middle class through the life of the teacher Karsten

MANSLAUGHTER is the third and last work of Per Fly’s trilogy on social classes in Danmark. While THE BENCH (2000) and INHERITANCE (2003) analyzed the lower and upper classes, MANSLAUGHTER offers a closer look upon the middle class. The teacher Karsten is our middle class hero: Angered by the injustices in the world, he simultaneously feels stagnated in his marriage. These concerns find their double resolution when he embarks on a passionate love affair with his former student, the fiery idealist Pil. When Pil is arrested after a failed political action against a weapons manufacturer, Karsten’s idealism is put to the test.

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Original title: Drabet
English title: Manslaughter
Year: 2005
Script: Per Fly, Dorte Høeg, Kim Leona, Mogens Rukov
Film direction: Per Fly
Photo: Harald Gunnar Palgaard
Editing: Morten Giese
Music: Halfdan E
Cast: Jesper Christensen, Pernilla August, Charlotte Fich, Beate Bille, Vibeke Hastrup
Production company: Zentropa
Producer: Ib Tardini
Sales: Trust Film sales
Norwegian distribution: Columbia Tristar Nordisk
Colour / B&W: Farger
Production format: 35 mm
Screening format: 35 mm
Time / length: 100 min
Picture format: WS 1:1,85
Sound format: SRD
Dialogue: Dansk
Subtitles: Norske
Rated (age): 15