International previews
Many exciting titles from the Norwegian distributors, films that will open theatrically later this fall, near Christmas or next year.

Films in this programme:

Sør-Korea / Japan, 2004
Director: Kim Ki-duk

A beautiful and violent tale about a homeless young man who breaks into empty houses.
  Battle in Heaven
Mexico / Belgia / Frankrike / Tyskland, 2005
Director: Carlos Reygadas

A struggle for redemption

The Beat that My Heart Skipped
Frankrike, 2005
Director: Jacques Audiard

Super talented Romain Duris as a criminal trying to break out of his criminal environment
  Brokeback Mountain
USA, 2005
Director: Ang Lee

A beautiful and poignant love story of two farm hands. Winner of this year's Golden Lion in Venice.

The Brothers Grimm
Tsjekkia / USA, 2005
Director: Terry Gilliam

A both grotesque and visually playful depiction of classic fairy tale characters.
  The Child
Belgia, 2005
Director: Jean-Pierre Dardenne & Luc Dardenne

After fathering a child, Bruno stumbles onto a path towards crime and punishment.

Norge, 2005
Director: Aleksander Nordaas

A no-budget local production about a group of students' games which turns nasty after a short while
  The Constant Gardener
Storbritannia / USA, 2005
Director: Fernando Meirelles

Through a murder mystery THE CONSTANT GARDENER examines the role of multinational companies in Kenya

Dead Man's Shoes
Storbritannia, 2004
Director: Shane Meadows

A dark tale with distubring tones of malice and violence
  The Death of Mr. Lazarescu
Romania, 2005
Director: Cristi Puiu

An intriguing tale of moral responsibility in a health system based solely on economic rationality.

Frankrike / USA, 2005
Director: Tony Scott

High-sensation seeking model goes bounty hunting. You're probably in for a cult treat here!
USA / Tsjekkia, 2005
Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak

A squad of soilders is sent to a research facility on Mars - can they help when hell breaks loose?

Down in the Valley
USA, 2005
Director: David Jacobson

A darkly compelling drama about a delusional man who belives he is a cowboy
USA, 2005
Director: Cameron Crowe

A heartwarming comedy about love and failure, life contemplation and family ties

The Exorcism of Emily Rose
USA, 2005
Director: Scott Derrickson

A horror film and a court room drama about Emily Rose and the evil spirits who have possessed her.
USA, 2005
Director: Robert Schwentke

Jodie Foster in a claustrophobic thriller at 40,000 feet

God Save the King
Sverige, 2005
Director: Ulf Malmros

A celebration of the 80s' punk scene in Gothenburg
  A History of Violence
USA, 2005
Director: David Cronenberg

Tom saves the day, but when the event is screened on national tv, he gets unexpected visitors.

In Her Shoes
USA, 2005
Director: Curtis Hanson

Humorous and well acted drama about two sisters who have more in common than they think
  Into the Blue
USA, 2005
Director: John Stockwell

A diving thriller with sharks, hidden treasures, lurking gangsters and friendship.

Danmark, 2005
Director: Per Fly

A clever analysis of the Danish middle class through the life of the teacher Karsten
  Me and You and Everyone We Know
USA, 2005
Director: Miranda July


Danmark, 2005
Director: Jannik Johansen

The brother of a suicide victim decides to look into the circumstances around his sister's death
  Night Watch
Russland, 2004
Director: Timur Bekmambetov

Mythological forces of light battle the forces of darkness in this epic struggle

Spania / Belgia / Frankrike / Argentina, 2005
Director: Juan Solanas

A woman so desperate for children that she resorts to drastic, illegal measures
  Paradise Now
Palestina / Nederland / Tyskland / Frankrike, 2005
Director: Hany Abu-Assad

A powerful story about two Palestinian suicide bombers

Norge, 2005
Director: Arild Fröhlich

The class has got a new pupil. Terje is a big and obese youngster and an easy target for nagging.
  Romance and Cigarettes
USA, 2005
Director: John Turturro

Rough musical about Nick, who cheats on his wife and bursts into song when life deals him a blow.

Screaming Masterpiece
Island, 2005
Director: Ari Alexander Ergis Magnússon

A vital, multi-stratified portrait of the current music scene in Iceland

USA, 2005
Director: Joss Whedon

A clever and witty action adventure about the crew of the spaceship Serenity.

Seven Swords
Sør-Korea / Hong Kong / Kina, 2005
Director: Tsui Hark

Seven warriors come together to protect a village from a diabolical General
Danmark, 2004
Director: Anders Rønnow Klarlund

A unique and fantastic story of marionettes

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
USA, 2005
Director: Tim Burton & Mike Johnson

Poetry in motion
  The Wayward Cloud
Taiwan / Frankrike / Hong Kong, 2005
Director: Tsai Mingliang

A romantic musical about an unusual couple, pornography, drought and watermelons.