• MIDNIGHT MOVIES screening after all (24:10:2005)
  • MIDNIGHT MOVIES cancelled ALL SCREENINGS (21:10:2005)
  • CROSSING THE BRIDGE first screening cancelled (21:10:2005)

3D-animation in computer games, animation films and special effects (22.10.2005 kl. 15:00)

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Film becomes game and game becomes film (22.10.2005 kl. 16:45)

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Children in war (24.10.2005 kl. 19:15)
"No child shall be subjected to torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment." Article 37, Convention on the Rights of the Child
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Chechnya (25.10.2005 kl. 19:00)
The 2005 Rafto Prize is awarded to the lawyer and human rights advocate Ms. Lida Yusupova. She is the leader of Memorial, one of the few organizations still working in Chechnya.
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Religion and conflicts (26.10.2005 kl. 18:00)
Some of the most important documentary productions from the last year are focusing on the relations between the world’s different religions, areas of conflict and the pluralist religious society as such.
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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (26.10.2005 kl. 19:30)
This year’s film festival will be screening several films concerning the lives of soldiers returning from war, describing how these people are struggling with their experiences from the past.
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