Insight into the dark heart of news reporting

REPORTER, JOURNALISTS and SHOOTING ROBERT KING are a part of the Checkpoints program during this years festival, that is about setting human rights on the agenda.

What these three films have in common, is the view on human rights through different journalistic perspectives. One from a reporter in Darfur, one from jornalisms fight for free speech in Belarus, and one from a war photographers experiences in Bosnia, Tjetsjenia and Iraq.

This is only a small part of the many important films in the Checkpoint program during BIFF this year.


REPORTER (USA, 2009): What happens to news journalism in a time where our world view and media view keeps getting narrower?

When our view of the world becomes based on third-party commentary, tenth-party sources and opinions with or without political agenda, how long does the truth have to live? NTB/Reuters is the name of the only reporter we read daily, but there are still some reporters who use all their senses to collect news.

Nicholas D. Kristof has won the Pulitzer Prize and has his own column in The New York Times. He played an important role in reporting from the Darfur region in Sudan. Eric Metzgars unique documentary gives an indispensable insight into the future of journalism.

Read more and see the trailer on REPORTERs website. The film was nominated for the Grand Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival 2009, and here you can read a blog about the film.


JOURNALISTS (Belarus, 2008): Being a journalist in ”the last dictatorship in Europe” is a risky game.

After the fall of the Iron Curtain the hope of more freedom of speech grew. In JOURNALISTS we meet several brave Belarusian journalists who have felt the strength of authoritarian regime.

Read about JOURNALISTS under the Human Rights Film Fest.


SHOOTING ROBERT KING (Great Britain, 2008): War photograps as travellers stories from the war zone.

Robert King is a photographer who makes his living in the most war torn areas of the world. SHOOTING ROBERT KING is put together of recordings of his time in Bosnia, Tjetsjenia and Iraq, filmed over a period of 15 years.

The film doesn’t try to depict the wars’ atrocities, but show how dull the world’s reactions have become to images from the war zones.

Read The Guardians film review of SHOOTING ROBERT KING, or visit the SHOOTING ROBERT KING website, where you can see the trailer or read news about the film.


Checkpoints is a challenging, moving and gripping film programme which is a partnership between the Rafto Foundation and BIFF. The aim of Checkpoints is to use film as a medium to raise awareness about human rights. Through a series of internationally acclaimed films we hope to provide a platform to teach a wide audience about human rights and current issues faced by oppressed people throughout the world today.


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