International previews at BIFF

Many exciting titles from the Norwegian distributors, films that will open theatrically later this fall, near Christmas or next year.

CAPITALISM - A LOVE STORY (USA, 2009) What price does America have to pay for its love of capitalism?

That Michael Moore looks into the financial crisis in the US probably doesn´t surprise anyone. The film is told in Moore´s characteristic blend of humor and harm. Moore has directed the films BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE (2002), FAHRENHEIT 9/11 (2004) and SICKO (2007). Visit the films website og read The Guardians film review.


THE INFORMANT! (USA, 2009) Entanglements will follow.

A heavier Matt Damon plays the main character as the well meaning, yet shortsighted Mark Whitacre in Steven Soderberghs drama comedy THE INFORMANT! Whitacre has a goal of revealing the corrupt American agricultural industry - without thinking about the consequences this will have for himself. Soderbergh has directed films like TRAFFIC (2000), OCEANS ELEVEN (2001) and its sequels, and the double feature about Che Guevara CHE (2008). Visit the films website to see the trailer and read the New York Times film review.


A SERIOUS MAN (USA, 2009) The Cohen brothers has made a classical jewish comedy - and an unusually good film. As usual.

A SERIOUS MAN is Ethan and Joel Cohens new film - a black comedy about a jewish academic in Minnesota in the 1960s. Larry Gopnik is a man who changes rabbies like other people change socks. Problems occur. The Cohen brothers have made films like FARGO (1996), THE BIG LEBOWSKI (1998), NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (2007) and BURN AFTER READING (2008) to mention a few. Read the Rolling Stones film review and see the trailer.



500 DAYS OF SUMMER (USA, 2009)

AN EDUCATION (Storbritannia, 2009)

IN THE LOOP (Storbritannia, 2009)

THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS (Frankrike/Canada/Storbritannia, 2009)

MED ÅPNE ØYNE (Israel/Tyskland/Frankrike, 2009)

THIRST (Sør-Korea, 2009)



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