Emil Trier wins Best Scandinavian Music Video

Emil Trier's video for Torgny Amdam's "The Only Game" wins the award for Best Scandinavian Music Video.

The filmmakers visiting BIFF!

Curious about which filmmakers will be there during screenings and debates? Here is the list >>

Participate in the debates!

BIFF and Studentersamfunnet will be hosting debates at Tivoli, Det Akademiske Kvarter during the festival

Oscar favorites at BIFF

The final list over contributions for the Oscar for Foreign Language Academy Submissions is here, and you can see these favorites at BIFF

Ahmed Ahmed in Bergen

Stand-up comedian from the series Axis of Evil is coming to Bergen on October 20th for a stand-up show and to show his film JUST LIKE US

Latin America, now!

BIFF offers 15 documentary and fiction films from one of the world's most interesting film regions. And don't miss out on the Latino Party at Terminus Whiskey Bar.

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