The Box Office is open!

The festival program is released and the box offices are now open. It's time to make the most out of this years BIFF

Tickets and discount cards can be purchased at the box offices at Magnus Barfot kinosenter (Magnus Barfotsgt. 12) and Konsertpaleet (Neumannsgt. 3). During the festival the box office at Magnus Barfot will be open from 9 AM. 

Singel tickets can be purchased for NOK 80,-  (plus fee), and the discount cards cost NOK 600,- + NOK 20 for the card it self. This will give you a total of ten screenings, at the prize of NOK 60 each. You may add more cash to your card with a minumum amount of NOK 200,- each time. It's also possible to use the remaining value on the card the following year. 

You may also buy your tickets online at www.biff.no (using a credit card - VISA/MasterCard) and at the box office stands at Magnus Barfot and Konsertpaleet. Tickets for the venues at Cinemateket USF and Tivoli, Det Akademiske Kvarter can only be purchased at Bergen kino's box office stand.  

How do I order tickets online with my discount card? Select the category «Kinokort», and choose the ticket category marked «Rabatt». The fill inn both card number and and pin code. Bring your card the the cinema and insert it in the ticket automat. The ticket will automaticly print. 



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