Chagall - welcome to our festival bar!

Chagall, which is located at Vaskerelven 1, will be open every day during the festival, and is a central meeting place for all festival-goers. Here you will find, among other things, debates, seminars and festivities!

Here is an excerpt of the program:

Wednesday October 17th

Day of dignity: Panel debate regarding care of the elderly after a screening of AMOUR.
Panel: Thyra Frank, Hilde Onarheim and Stein Husebø. Starts at 2:30pm

Sector meeting with The West Norwegian Film Centre, Fuzz and WNFC: presentation of Eurodoc and TO LIV. Starts at 4:00pm

Thursday October 18th

Raw film: In cooperation with NFI, we present to you three new documentaries from western Norway and hold a debate on female dominance in documentary film production. Starts at 4:30pm

Debate in cooperation with The Bergen student society on capitalism and the culture of greed. Starts at 6:00pm

Friday October 19th

Debate, in cooperation with The Bergen Student Society, on Romanian immigrants′ position in Europe, and their role in the democracy. There will be a screening of the movie GYPSY in advance at the cinema Magnus Barfot followed by a debate at Chagall. Starts at 6:00pm

Saturday October 20th

Surprise at Chagall. TBA.

Sunday October 21st

How to convey a national trauma on screen: debate on Utøya. Starts at 3pm

Film critics seminar, see separate page. Starts at 5:00pm

Monday October 22nd

Panel debate: art and freedom of speech: Fredrik Gertten (filmmaker), Kaveh Zahedi (THE SHEIK AND I) and Erlend Høyerstein (director of the Art Museums of Bergen), are in the panel. Starts at 6:30pm

Panel debate on prostitution. Jette Christensen (The Norwegian labour party), Charlotte Myrbråten (editor of the magazine FETT), Synnøve Økland Jahnsen (Centre for Women′s and Gender Research), Pye Jakobsson and Rachel Wotton (sexworkers and activitsts). Starts at 8:30pm


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