Østre - the house for sound art and electronica

Østre is Ekkofestivalen′s new house for sound art and electronica music. During BIFF you can visit Østre, where we will invite you to movie screenings and parties.


Thursday October 18th

Konsoll presents: INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE. This will be a tribute to the art of computer game development, and there will be a chance to explore local game projects. The doors will open at 6:00pm

Friday October 19th

Premiere: STD Oddfjord, the new miniseries by Pistol Shrimps and Bergens Tidende, about a NYPD-officer who is transferred to a Norwegian police force in Iddfjord to get away from the troubles of the metropolis.
The doors open at 7:00pm

Saturday October 20th

Doors open at 9:00pm. The movie starts at 10:30pm
BIFF and EKKO join together to show the documentary SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS about the leading band LCD Soundsystem, followed by a party!
DJ Trevor Jackson is known for building bridges between music genres with his inclusive and varied style, and has released everything from Four Tet to precisely LCD Soundsystem. Jackson has kept it going since the 80’s, and is known as both a DJ, designer and as the head of the company Output.
Mikal Telle is like a fatherfigure to reckon in the Bergen music scene, and in addition to being of major importance to young talents, he is also known as a DJ, which gives an outlet for his good taste.


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