Screenings and events
Film screenings at Bergen kino (Magnus Barfot multiplex cinema), Magnus Barfotsgt. 12, Wednesday October 17th–Wednesday October 24th, 2012. Some screenings/events at other venues.




Screenings and events
Film screenings at Bergen kino (Magnus Barfot multiplex cinema) Magnus Barfots gate 12. Wednesday October 17th to 24th Some screenings/events at other venues.

Ticket/card prices
Single tickets: NOK 85,- (plus fee) Tickets w/ discount card: NOK 65,-

Discount cards cost NOK 650,- (+ NOK 20,- for the card). You may add more cash to the discount cards with a minimum of NOK 200,- each time. The card is not personal, so you may share the tickets, even buy several tickets for the same screening using the card. Remember – you can use the remaining value on the card the following year.

Tickets can be purchased at www.biff.no (using a credit card – VISA/MasterCard) and box office stands at both Magnus Barfot and Konsertpaleet 100 meters away. Tickets for the venues Cinemateket USF and Tivoli, Det Akademiske Kvartér must be purchased at Bergen Cinema’s box office stands. You may also buy rush tickets at Cinemateket USF and Tivoli, however only full price NOK 85,-

Box office
Ticket and discount card sale for the film festival starts October 10th. Tickets and discount cards are sold at the box offices at Magnus Barfot and Konsertpaleet multiplex cinemas. During the festival the box office at Magnus Barfot opens at 9 a.m.

Un-numbered seating.

Screening times
The screenings start on time (no commercials).

Age limit
General limit is 15 years of age.

Programme changes
Programme changes might occur. Changes will be announced at www.biff.no and at Magnus Barfot cinema. You my exchange to another ticket/screening in case of cancellation.


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