Program changes

Two BIFF previews at ØyaKino

Can't wait till October? As in previous years, BIFF will present a taste of this year's music documentary program at the music festival Øya in Oslo. The two great films you will be able to see this year are Shane Meadows' THE STONE ROSES: MADE OF STONE and Tom Berninger's MISTAKEN FOR STRANGERS, where he follows his brother's band, The National, on tour for a year. Both films will be screened on August 6th.



Debates will be held during the entire festival, covering a number of interesting topics.

Østre - the house for sound art and electronica

Østre is Ekkofestivalen′s new house for sound art and electronica music. During BIFF you can visit Østre, where we will invite you to movie screenings and parties.

Chagall - welcome to our festival bar!

Chagall, which is located at Vaskerelven 1, will be open every day during the festival, and is a central meeting place for all festival-goers. Here you will find, among other things, debates, seminars and festivities!

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Dates for BIFF 2013

The 13th edition of BIFF will take place from October 23rd - 30th 2013.

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